Monday, October 31, 2022

LUNCH TODAY:  Hotdogs, tots, fresh broccoli, fruit


LUNCH TUESDAY: Taco pasta, corn, cheese stick, fruit

Menus are subject to change

AM HS Gym Supervision: 10/31-11/2: Mr. Opfer

Mandatory Study Hall coverage this week 10/31-11/2:  Mr. Jungmeyer

  • Nov. 1 - JH BB @ Glasgow, 5:00 pm (Full B Boys, A Girls and A Boys -3 games) 

  • Nov. 3 - JH BB Home vs. Slater, 6:00 pm  (A Girls and A Boys only) 

  • Nov. 4 - JH BB @ SS Peter & Paul, 5:00 pm (A Girls and A Boys only) 

Club Notes:

Nov. 1 - State Tech:

The following students will be attending a visit to State Tech on November 1st.  They will leave at 7:45 with the BTEC students and arrive back after 2:30.   

Juniors- Jesse Dillon, Hunter Watring, Blake Gerke, Nolan Aldridge, Layton Baker, Alex Schupp, Nathan Huggins, Elaina Wirths

Seniors-  Gage Young, Tate Rentel, Logan Twenter, Zac Harding, Hank Zeller, Emily Kammerich, Layla King, Izaya Price

Nov. 1 - Tuesday, Stuco Meeting in Mrs. Litton's room during study hall.

Nov. 2 - Softball Banquet, 6:30, HS Commons




Nov. 1 - JH BB @ Glasgow, 5:00 pm  (Full B Boys, A Girls and A Boys -3 games)  (Bus leaves at 3:30)

Nov. 3 - JH BB Home vs. Slater, 6:00 pm (A Girls and A Boys only) 

Nov. 4 - JH BB @ SS Peter & Paul, 5:00 pm (A Girls and A Boys only) 






If you are a normal bus rider, and plan on not riding the bus, 

Please let Lisa in the office know or one of us.      

Thank you.

Emily McNeal, Stacy Young, Melanie Blumhorst. 

Attention students who drive to school:  


You must register with the HS office and obtain a parking tag issued by our school.  I do not expect you to remember to change your hang if you happen to drive a different vehicle to school one day, I understand that's easy to forget.  But if it's the typical vehicle to drive, you need a hang tag in it and you must be registered with the office as a driver.

Mrs. Groepper

Elementary Halloween Parade Through School

Oct. 31 - Monday at 1:05, elementary students  do their traditional Halloween parade around the school.  We invite all classes to line the hallways to watch the elementary kids parade through the halls.  

Oct 31 - FBLA members--Please be at school between 5:45 and 6:00 tonight so we can get ready to trick or treat for canned goods.  Don't forget to wear your FBLA tshirt.

Academic Team News

High School Academic Team - On Saturday, the high school academic team competed in the MFAT tournament at Mizzou, going 3 - 7 for the day.  Congratulations to Carlie Thomas for team high scorer with 160 points for the day, and 15th overall (out of 110 players)!  Go Tigers!

Middle School Academic Team competed in the Big Cat IV Tournament over the weekend at Columbia Independent School.  They finished 3rd in their preliminary pool and 3rd in their consolation pool to finish 11th overall.  Dominick Nevins was an individual medalist, scoring 53.75 points per match, good for 3rd overall.

Nov. 10 - Blood Drive - NHS is sponsoring the fall Blood Drive Thursday, 11/10 from 1:00-6:00 in the high school gym.  Please sign up in the office for an appointment time.  If you are 16 years old, you need to have a parent consent form signed.  Pick one up in the office or from Mrs. Leverton.

Students who donate receive a ticket for 10 bonus points in the class of their choosing.  All donors receive a t-shirt from American Red Cross.

Awards Night

Wednesday, November 2nd

at 6:30

School Commons

Season awards will be presented after dinner

Those in attendance are asked to bring:

             Freshman & Sophomore:     Side Dish

             Junior & Senior: Dessert

Booster Club will provide the Meat, drinks and table service.

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Art Clubs - Middle & High School

Who: 7th – 8th

and 9th – 12th grades students

Mission: The Art Club’s

mission is to allow students who are interested in art to participate in independent and collaborative art related activities. Art Club is a place for artists who want to: explore the art world,

work with materials and subjects we cannot always get to in our normal classroom setting, practice their skills, develop their techniques, collaborate with other artists, create bonds with the community through the arts, and learn how to work together through group projects that will beautify the school and

community. In addition, artists are provided and learn to give and receive constructive feedback to and from their peers to support growth in their artistic abilities.

When: Members will meet twice each month, 3:15-4:30 in a relaxed social atmosphere to work as a group

or on individual projects. Additional lab times are available 7:30 am– 8:00 am before school. Snacks are not provided but welcome during club meetings.

Rules: Members are required to bring their positive mindset and to abide by all of the art classroom and Pilot Grove School rules. Failure to respect and follow these rules might result in termination from the Art Club.

Fees: Art

club fees are $15 per student. Fees are used to supplement the cost of expensive and consumable materials. On rare occasions, additional fees may be required to provide supplies or opportunities for students.


Oct. 31st - 1:15 to 2:45 - Elementary will once again be hosting our Annual Trunk or Treat on Halloween!  If your organization would like to participate, please send me an email letting me know you plan to host a trunk!  Anyone is welcome to host a trunk, it doesn't have to be a school organization, it can be anyone who enjoys Halloween fun! We are always looking for more "Trunks" so we'd love to have you!  Please spread the word!

This Institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider