Wednesday, September 28, 2022

LUNCH TODAY:  Taco pasta, corn, cheese stick, fruit

BREAKFAST THURSDAY:  Cereal and hash brown

LUNCH THURSDAY:  Chicken with white gravy, mashed potatoes, cooked carrots, fruit

Menus are subject to change

AM HS Gym Supervision: 9/26-9/30: Mr. Lammers

Mandatory Study Hall coverage this week 9/26-9/30: Mrs. Renfrow

  • 9/28:  Baseball @ Cairo, 5:00 

  • 9/29:  Softball @ New Franklin, 5:00 

  • 9/30:  Baseball Home vs. New Franklin, 5:00 

Club Notes:

We are starting a Future Teacher Association at Pilot Grove High School.  Any student that is interested in a career in the teaching profession or anyone wanting to learn more about teaching as a career should sign the sheet on Mrs. Baer's door.  More information to come soon!

Sept. 28 - Senior Information Meeting for Parents and Seniors, Wednesday September 28th at 6:30. Please attend to get helpful information for a successful Senior year.

HS FCCLA- If you plan to attend Regional Meeting, Dues and Permission Slips are Due Wednesday, Sept. 28.

Sept. 29 - CMU Art Show

Bus leaves at 7:30.  Students back at 3:00

Sept. 30 - Junior class  will have a meeting Friday in study hall. 



Wednesday, 9/28:

V/JV Baseball @ Cairo, 5:00 

  bus leaves at 2:30

Thursday, 9/29:

Softball @ New Franklin, 5:00 

  bus leaves at 3:00


Friday, 9/30:  

Baseball Home vs. New Franklin, 5:00 

If you are a normal bus rider, and plan on not riding the bus, 

Please let Lisa in the office know or one of us.      

Thank you.

Emily McNeal, Stacy Young, Melanie Blumhorst. 

Attention students who drive to school:  


You must register with the HS office and obtain a parking tag issued by our school.  I do not expect you to remember to change your hang if you happen to drive a different vehicle to school one day, I understand that's easy to forget.  But if it's the typical vehicle to drive, you need a hang tag in it and you must be registered with the office as a driver.

Mrs. Groepper

Senior Families,

You have a Senior who will be graduating soon.  Congratulations!  This is an exciting time as a parent, but also can be a stressful time as well.  Mrs. Baer and I are working very hard to help your child make plans after graduation and be successful in achieving the goals they have set for themselves.  

We have planned a meeting Wednesday evening, September 28th at 6:30, to help discuss the deadlines and expectations for the remainder of the year.  We will be discussing the following:

  • Discussion about the rootEd Advisor roles and how it supports Mrs. Baer and her role as the K-12 Counselor

  • FAFSA Completion

  • College & Trade School Applications

  • Workforce Readiness

  • Scholarships


I hope to see you this evening!



                                                                                 Mrs. Leslie Reardon

A key has been turned into the office.  If you are missing one, please see Lisa in the HS office.  



This Institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider