Proposition K.I.D.S

The Pilot Grove C-4 Board of Education has placed Proposition K.I.D.S (Keep Improving District Schools) on the April 5th ballot.  The following is a short list of projects the District has determined need attention beyond the scope the annual operating budget allows.  

* Updated Fire Alarm System 

* Added vestibules at elementary & middle school doors

* Patch, fix holes & cracking asphalt in parking lots

*Upgrade bathrooms at the outdoor ball facilities

*Replace lights on softball field for safer, more energy efficient lights

*Install solid core doors within the school building for safety

*Added security cameras to correct blind spots

*HVAC upgrades to the commons, agriculture & preschool classrooms

Proposition K.I.D.S is a No Tax Increase Bond.  If you have questions, please contact Ashley Groepper, Superintendent at 660-834-6915 or