The Pilot Grove C-4 School, would like to THANK the following businesses and individuals for their work on the drainage tile system on the softball field.  A simple thank you does not begin to express our gratitude for all your hard work!

First off, Thank you to ALL THE PARENTS who worked the concession stand to raise funds and make this project possible!  

Thanks Ball Association Board Members for agreeing to donate materials to make this project possible. Robbi Rentel, Carrie Lorenz-Walker, Bridget Jeffries, Teresa Zeller, Nick Ellebracht, Hannah Weber

Thank you to Robbi & Tate Rentel, Timm & Eathan Rentel, Brian & Cooper Hoff, Nick & Luke Ellebracht, Terry Schupp, Cory Gerling, Keith Day for your had work installing the drainage tile and fixing the field back up to be played on!

Finally this project could not have been possible without the donation of equipment & materials from Otelco, Joe Stoecklein, and CL Richardson Company.  


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