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How to Help Children Read at Home

Reading is everywhere in day to day living. It's in our homes, on the streets, in the stores and all around us. Inasmuch as reading influences so much of our daily lives, schools put a special emphasis on that particular skill. With the amount of time spent on the reading process, some parents may be discouraged when they see their child struggling with reading. Often times when a child struggles with reading, they stuggle in other academic areas as well. Parents are at a loss as to how they can be of more help to their child at home. They may not understand or know the strategies teachers use at school to help the students read. The following strategies are suggested. Please encourage your students to practice them at home.

Happy Reading!

Strategies for Reading

*Hum through the unknown word - Be sure to go back to it and try to figure out the word from the context clues given throughout the sentence.

*Pictures - Look at the pictures on the page, then look at the first letter of the unknown word. Do they match?

*Chunk it - Look for little words within the big words such as is, or, it, at, etc.

*Sound it out - Use this strategy when all others have failed.

*Reread - Does what you just read make sense?

*Ask for help

Reading in Everyday Life

There are many opportunities for your child to read everyday in addition to reading books. Some examples are as follows:

*Write notes to your child. Try slipping on into a lunch box or leaving it in their room.

*When grocery shopping, have your child read the shopping list to you

*Have your child read road signs, license plates and maps when traveling

*Have your child read directions to games, model making kits, etc.

*Have your child read recipes when baking or cooking together.

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