Pilot Grove C-4 School District

School Information

Pilot Grove C-4 School district contains 112 square miles and is located in Pilot Grove, approximately 40 miles west of Columbia, Missouri, on Interstate 70. The District is bordered on the north by the Interstate and the town of Boonville to the Northeast. The largest town 30 miles to the southwest is Sedalia. The area is mostly farm land, with a town population of 700. There is a local independent phone company, a nursing home, a grocery store and two feed stores located in town.

Pilot Grove C-4 School District consists of 3 school divisions on a single campus. The District has a Pre-school (which also serves early childhood special education students), K-5 elementary, a 6-8 middle school, and a 9-12 high school, with a total enrollment of 295. Vocational high school students are served by the BoonvilleSchool District.

District Accreditation
The District is classified Accredited by the Missouri School Improvement Program (MSIP).

The District has an outstanding group of administrators, a superior faculty, a dedicated support staff, and a progressive Board of Education. The professional staff consists of 34 teachers and administrators. The support staff consists of 20 full and part-time employees. The administrative team is composed of the superintendent, secondary and elementary principals, and two administrative assistants. There is one section of each grade level at the elementary school except for kindergarten. Some middle and high school teachers serve dual roles and work in both schools.

Professional Growth

Pilot Grove teachers are active in many professional growth activities, including the Missouri Professional Learning Communities program district wide. Most members of the faculty and administration are active in professional organizations at the local and state levels. Professional growth is encouraged by the district and is facilitated through a professional leave program and in-district in-service offerings.