Business Department

Accounting I
Prerequisites: Algebra IGrade: 11 and 12
This course is provided as an introduction to the field of accounting. It presents the fundamental principles of the Accounting Cycle and is designed to emphasize the theory of accounting. The students will learn to record transactions in all types of accounting journals and to prepare all related accounting financial statements. We will discuss the different accounting features that pertain to a proprietorship, a partnership, and a corporation.

Accounting II (Weighted)
Prerequisite: Accounting I
Grade: 12
This course is provided as a continuation of Accounting I. The concepts learned in Accounting I are now used on a more advanced level. The students will learn new concepts regarding management accounting, cost accounting, and not-for profit accounting.

Business Tech I (Required)
Prerequisite: None
Grade: 9, 10, 11 and 12

In Business Tech, students will learn the keys on the keyboard and the different parts of the computer. They will also work on speed and accuracy throughout the year. Students will also learn document formatting and will prepare different forms of business communication, such as tables, letters, memorandums, and reports. Students will also develop good proofreading and editing skills. Students will learn different features of Word and how to utilize these features to enhance finished products and will also have a unit on PowerPoint and creating useful presentations.

The Vocational Business Department works with State Fair Community College to articulate credit for high school classes. Students who enroll in Business Tech I and II during high school may earn three free college credit hours at State Fair Community College. In order to articulate credit, students must earn a “B” or better in the courses at Pilot Grove C-4 School and have the instructor’s and counselor’s recommendations.

Business Tech II

Prerequisite: Business Tech I
Grade: 10,11,12
This course is provided as a continuation of students familiarity with computer programs and document processing. The students will learn different features of Microsoft Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, and will generate documents that will be used throughout the building. Other features of the business world will also be practiced, such as, filing, using adding machines, phone etiquette, e-mail etiquette, etc.

Business Law
Prerequisite: None
Grade: 9, 10, 11 and 12
This class will allow students to develop an understanding of the American legal system and gain practical knowledge of the law relating to contracts, warranties, product liability, consumer protection, real property, landlord/tenant, agency/employment relationships, partnerships, and corporations. This class will cover many topics that will pertain to students’ everyday lives, such as buying a car or signing a lease. Business Law is designed to inform the students of their rights and to make them aware of the consequences of doing wrong. (1 Unit)

Introduction to Business
(not offered every year)
Prerequisite: none
Grade: 9, 10, 11 and 12

This course is designed to teach students how the American business economy operates and to help them prepare to make decisions as consumers, wage earners, and citizens within that economy. The course combines explanations of business and economic concepts with practical applications of these concepts to the real world and the American business economy. (1 Unit)