Art Department

Art I

Prerequisite: NoneGrade: 9, 10, 11, 12

Art is studied combining aesthetics and criticism and the practice of studio production. The reasons for creating art, the meaning behind art works and the experimentation with a variety of media at the novice level are emphasized. This is a prerequisite to Art II. (1 Unit)

Art II

Prerequisite: Art I or consent of the instructor

Grade: 10, 11, 12

Art II offers the student in-depth experiences with drawing techniques learned in Art I, which includes further study of the figure and landscape. Techniques of watercolor, pen and ink, acrylic painting and ceramics are learned, often through a historical and cultural context. (1 Unit)


Prerequisite: None

Grade: 10, 11, 12

Drawing is offered to all high school students for one half-unit of fine art credit. This class may be taken as a beginning art class or after previous art classes. A variety of drawing styles, from expressionistic to technical, are employed as a means of self-expression as well as a planning tool. Media used include pencil, colored pencils, charcoal, dry and/or oil pastels, marker, and pen and ink. Observation skills are emphasized as the first important step to success in drawing. (1/2 Unit)


Prerequisite: None

Grade: 10, 11, 12

Painting class is a semester-long high school fine arts class. It is offered second semester following Drawing. Although Drawing is not a pre-requisite, it is advised, to insure a strong background in the concepts used in Painting.

Various painting media are used including tempera, watercolor, and acrylic. Students who have prior experience with these media may also work with oils.

Artists and their techniques are studied and emulated as an introduction to the use of each medium. Personal views and expression are encouraged within assignment guidelines as the artist becomes familiar with basic practices. (1/2 Unit)

Arts and Crafts

Prerequisite: None

Grade: 9, 10, 11, 12

Emphasis is on the planning and creating of creative hand-made objects and the decorating of utilitarian items. An awareness of regional crafts and craftsmen is stressed. Stenciling, marbleizing, metal tooling, gourd art, candle making, glass painting, encaustic, dough art, and ceramics, are some of the activities planned. (1/2 Unit)

Art Appreciation

(Not offered every year)

Prerequisite: None

Grades: 9, 10, 11, 12

This course serves as a visitation of the history and appreciation of art forms from the beginning of mankind to the present. Connections are made between period artwork and the cultures from which they have derived.


Prerequisite: None

Grade 9, 10, 11, 12

Ceramics is a one-semester class that involves the use of clay bodies to form both functional and decorative objects using hand-build techniques. Students will design their own vessels and sculpture following methods learned. A variety of glaze and decorative surface techniques will also be used. (1/2 Unit)

Drawing /Painting II

Prerequisites: Drawing I/Painting I

Grade: 10, 11, 12

Students will strengthen the skills gained in Drawing and Painting I as they begin to develop a personal style. Combining media and communicating visually from a more personal stand-point are areas of emphasis. Held in conjunction with Drawing and Painting I, those enrolled take the lead in peer dialogue and critique (1/2 unit each)