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Grade Check Dates


The following dates will be official grade check dates to determine eligibility for participation in extracurricular activities.  Students receiving one or more “F’s” will be considered ineligible and follow these guidelines (Dual-credit ITV courses see below**).

FIRST OFFENSE on the “F” list = After grade checks, a student earning an “F” will be ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities, but will have a grace period to raise the grade to passing.  If a student can provide proof they are passing after the official grade check to the Athletic Director and Administration, eligibility will be reinstated.  Documentation must be provided from the classroom teacher.  If a student does not show proof of a passing grade, they will remain on the ineligibility list until the next grade check.

SECOND OFFENSE on the “F” list = A student will be placed on the ineligibility list for the minimum two-week period if they have a second offense of earning a non-passing grade.  Following that two-week period, student grades will be re-evaluated to determine eligibility.*  If a student shows proof of passing at the next grade check, eligibility will be reinstated.

THIRD OFFENSE on the “F” list = Student will remain ineligible until the official mid-term or quarter grade check.
Semester grades of an “F” will make the student ineligible for a two week period.  If the semester grade earned is a student’s third “F”, the student will remain ineligible until the official mid-term grade check.

Note:  Grade totals are cumulative (one “F” earned will carry over into the next semester).

Grades are to be posted at 8:00 a.m. on the following days:
Monday, September 24 – mid-term
Monday, October 22 – 1st quarter ends Friday, October 19
Monday, November 19 – mid-term
Thursday, January 3 – 1st semester ends Friday, December 21
Monday, February 4 – mid-term
Monday, March 11 – 3rd quarter ends Friday, March 8
Monday, April 15 – mid-term
Friday, May 17 – 2nd semester ends

* Ineligibility will run Tuesday through Tuesday (through the two-week periodic grade check).

**DUAL CREDIT ITV COURSE – Dual-credit ITV courses will NOT be counted toward a student’s extracurricular eligibility unless the student has a failing grade in the course at the end of a semester.  ITV courses that are not Dual-credit and any Dual-credit courses taught by Pilot Grove personnel WILL be counted towards extracurricular eligibility.